The City Harvest Story

We are a church that’s committed to building a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the Great Commandment, to obey the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.

The story of City Harvest Church began in 1989 when Kong Hee, then an itinerant minister whose heart was set on missions, was called by the Lord to “raise up a generation of young people who would take Asia by storm” for Him. Brother Kong, as he was then called, was just 24, a youth cell group leader of a bunch of young people at an Anglican church. Choosing to obey God’s call, he started a new ministry with just 20 young people and they held their first independent meeting at Peace Centre.

In the 1990s and 2000s, we found our congregation expanding at a rapid rate. True to its call, City Harvest Church became a church strong in its youth work and it remains so today. Over the years, our church has grown to serve various communities in Singapore. Beyond the main congregation at our weekly English services, we also cater to Mandarin and dialect speakers, Indonesians, Filipinos, Japanese, the intellectually-disabled, children and infants. Our community services arm CHCSA was founded in 1996 and continues to serve the elderly, youth and families in need.

In 2003, Pastor Kong heard again from God, this time to evangelise the nations through engaging the marketplace. This was what we came to know as the “Cultural Mandate”, the chief initiative of which was the Crossover Project. Pastor Kong’s wife, Sun, then our church’s worship leader was sent out by the church to engage the pop music industry, first in Asia, then in the US, in the sincere belief we would eventually bring the gospel to the world’s unsaved.

2010 marked the darkest period of our existence as a church. Pastor Kong and a number of our church leaders were investigated by the authorities and subsequently sentenced in Court. When the six appealed the verdict and sentences, the Appeal Court found them to have committed a basic breach—the Court noted that the six had a sincere love for the church and that our church ultimately suffered no monetary loss—and subsequently reduced their sentences.

It seemed for a time that we would not emerge from this terrible ordeal. But we serve a faithful God, and the call upon City Harvest Church has not changed. Day by day, week by week, service by service, we picked ourselves up and moved forward, one foot in front of the other. God’s relentless love and mercy has sustained us—He has taken our mourning and given us gladness.

City Harvest Church remains steadfast to our God-given mandate. God's divine purpose has shone through our toughest moments, giving us a renewed perspective on what it means to be His church. In a God-inspired moment, Sun, our co-founder, refined our mission statement into four core values: Here in CHC, we desire that everyone Encounter God, Cultivate Purpose, Experience Family and Make A Difference.

The testing of our faith has produced not only patience, but wisdom, humility, long-suffering, courage, peace and joy. Through this whole process, we have drawn closer to God by loving Him wholeheartedly and serving each other and our community fervently. By the grace of God, our love for missions continues to grow as we become more involved in building up churches all around the world. Our desire is that more people will experience the reality of Heaven here on earth as promised in Matthew 6:10. Our firm belief is that the world is at its best when the church is at its best!

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.”
Matthew 6:10